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D.S.P.C. Karunasekara

Postal Address:



077 523 0018



D.S.P.C. Karunasekara

  • Head of the department
  • Lecturer in Hospitality Management


BBA (SP)  (International Business & Management)

MCom (Kelaniya)



Dip.in Teaching

Reading for PhD

  • Karunasekara DSPC & Thushara SC (2013) “Service quality in five star hotels in Sri Lanka”. A paper presented in the 4th international conference on Business & Information- “Doing Business for sustainable Growth: Research, Innovation and Practice”, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies, University of Kelaniya.1st & 2nd December 2013.
  • Karunasekara DSPC & Kumara S. (2014), “Effectiveness of Governance and Accountability mechanism of the community development and Livelihood Improvement project – Policy maker level.” A paper presented in the 2nd international conference on contemporary management-““Empowering People towards Sustainable Development”, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce, University of Jaffna-Sri Lanka. 14th & 15th of March 2014.
  •  Karunasekara DSPC (2014), “Risk Analysis of Governance in community development projects.” 4th International Research Conference-“Expanding Developmental Horizons through Education, Research and Innovation”. General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University- Sri Lanka. 21st and 22nd of August 2014.
  • Karunasekara DSPC (2014), “Local guests’ satisfaction level in five star hotels in Sri Lanka.” University of Rajarata- Sri Lanka
  • Karunasekara DSPC, (2015). The impact of online user reviews on hotel room sales. International Journal of Hospitality Management 180–182.
  • Karunasekara DSPC, (2015), Global strategies in the international hotel industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management 777– 792.
  • Karunasekara DSPC & Thushara SC (2014), “Foreign guests’ satisfaction level in five star hotels in Sri Lanka.” University of Wayaba- Sri Lanka.-Forthcoming
  • Leadership skills workshop in 2012
  • Workshop in Presentation skills 2011
  • Workshop in Report Writing        2011
  • Introducing English for Accountancy I & II conducted by the institute of Charted
  • Accountants of Sri Lanka-2007
  • Member of the charted management Institute-UK
  • Associate member of the Association of Business Executives-UK
  • Quality Management Representative
  • Technical Advisor- Business Unit