Higher National Diploma in Post-harvest Technology

NVQ Level 5 & 6


Post-harvest technologies constitute an inter-disciplinary science and techniques applied to agricultural commodities after harvest for the purpose of preservation, conservation, quality control/enhancement, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, marketing, and utilization to meet the food and nutritional requirements of consumers in relation to their needs.
Quantitative and qualitative food losses of extremely variable magnitude occur at all stages in the post-harvest system from harvesting, through handling, storage, processing and marketing to final delivery to the consumer. Reduction in this wastage, particularly if it can economically be avoided, would be of great significance to growers and consumers alike. To reduce these losses producers and handlers must first understand the biological and environmental factors involved in deterioration. And second, use postharvest techniques that delay senescence and maintain the best possible quality. Post-harvest technology stimulates agricultural production, prevents post-harvest losses, improves nutrition and adds value to agricultural products thereby opening new marketing opportunities and generating new jobs while stimulating growth of other related economic sectors. The process developing post-harvest technologies requires an interdisciplinary and multidimensional research approach, which includes scientific creativity, technological innovation, and commercial entrepreneurship and stakeholder inputs.
The program will provide theoretical knowledge and practical training on the most important aspects of post-harvest technology for agricultural crops harvest and agricultural product process industries. Post-harvest biology, post-harvest pathology, post-harvest physiology and conventional and novel technologies in reduction of post-harvest losses in various agricultural crops and product process, food and value addition technologies are covered with the given curricula. The approach is both multi-disciplinary and industry oriented.
The National Diploma in Post-harvest Technology is a two year competency based training curriculum to achieve the comprehensive knowledge, skill and attitudes development to mitigate the good quality job market in agriculture and agricultural product process technologies leading to a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) degree.


The objective of this program is to develop well-rounded post-harvest technologist and biologists with a strong, flexible background in postharvest technology with broader understanding of the science and communication (English and ICT) associated with being a successful contributor and leader in the field.

Course Modules in Post-harvest Technology

Semester 01

A01C005M01 Introduction to Postharvest Technology
A01C005M02 Postharvest activities related to paddy and other cereal crops
A01C005M03 Postharvest activities related to Fruit and Vegetables
A01C005M04 Postharvest activities related to Legumes and oilseed crops
A01C005M05 Postharvest machinery and equipment – 01
EMTM01 Work Place Information management

Semester 03

A01C005M11 Basic Food Science and Technology – 01
A01C005M12 Postharvest activities related to Export Agriculture Crops ( Hubs and Spices)
A01C005M13 Processing and value addition of paddy
A01C005M14 Secondary Food Processing and value addition practices
A01C005M15 National and international legislation on consumer protection and food safety
EMTM04 Problem solving and decision making
EMTM05 Team work and leadership

Semester 02

A01C005M06 Postharvest activities related to Cut flowers and foliage
A01C005M07 Postharvest activities related to primary and secondary Processing of durable crop commodities
A01C005M08 Postharvest activities related to Crop protection and sanitation
A01C005M09 Packaging, storage and transportation of crop produce
A01C005M10 Postharvest activities related to Bulb, Root and Tuber crops
EMTM02 Workplace communication management
EMTM03 Planning and scheduling work at work place

Semester 04

A01C005M16 Introduction to adaptive research and development activities related to processing of agricultural produces
A01C005M17 Postharvest business management
A01C005M18 Postharvest secondary processing machinery and equipment
A01C005M19 Extension education (Elective)
A01C005M20 Pack house operations and management – 01 (Elective)
A01C005M21 Pack house operations and management – 02 (Elective)
EMTM06 Creating and maintaining a learning culture at workplace