Higher National Diploma in Electrical Technology

NVQ Level 5 & 6


The Electrical Technology program is intended to provide students with the opportunity to begin a career in the electrical technology occupation. The courses will provide the students with exposure to residential, commercial and industrial electrical techniques and practices. This exposure will provide them with the versatile job skills to build upon and flex during changing economic conditions.
The curriculum integrates electrical theory and practical application to give students not only the manual skills to wire and install electrical systems and apparatus, but also the mathematical and practical knowledge to support, explain and troubleshoot a wide variety of electrical projects. Computer programs are integrated into the coursework to allow for practice of circuit calculations, to create working models that simulate real circuit conditions and to support classroom lectures and demonstrations.
The Diploma in Electrical Technology is a three and half-year program oriented towards the skills required by the industry at middle management levels and leads students to the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Electrical Technology.

Entry Qualification

The student should pass
G.C.E A/L Science (Mathematics or Biology stream)/G.C.E A/L Engineering Technology/ G.C.A A/L Art with Credit passes for Hard Technology (Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology)
The student should complete
NVQ Level 4 (Related to Electrical/Electronics)


6 month foundation/Bridging course
1 year Academic NVQ level 5 course (NVQ 5 semester 1 & NVQ 5 semester 2)
6 month On the Job Training-NVQ level 5
1 year Academic NVQ level 6 course (NVQ 6 semester 1 & NVQ 6 semester 2)
6 month On the Job Training -NVQ level 6

Job opportunities

• Workshop Manager-Electrical
• Electrical Superintendent
• Electrical Coordinator
• Assistant Engineer-Electrical
• Foreman-Electrical
• Technical Officer (TO)-Electrical
• Technical supervisor-Electrical
• Supervisor-Electrical
• Technical team leader-Electrical

Course Modules in Electrical Technology

Semester 01

Module Code Module
E40T001M01 Basic Module in Principles of Electrical Engineering 1
E40T001M02 Engineering Mathematics
E40T001M03 Electronics 1
E40T001M04 Troubleshooting Techniques
E40T001M05 Electrical Installation Practices
E40T001M06 ICT for Electrical Technology
EMTM01 Workplace Information Management
EMTM02 Workplace Communication Management

Semester 03

E40T001M12 Electronics Power Control System
E40T001M13 Electrical Power System 2
E40T001M14 Electrical Machines 2
E40T001M15 Introduction to Industrial Automation
E40T001M16 Residential Electrical Installation Systems
EMTM04 Problem Solving and Decision Making
EMTM05 Teamwork and Leadership

Semester 02

Module Code Module
E40T001M07 Basic Module in Principle of Electrical Engineering 2
E40T001M08 Electronics 2
E40T001M09 Electrical Power System 1
E40T001M10 Electrical Machine 1
E40T001M11 Industrial Electrical, Electronic Instrumentation
EMTM03 Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace

Semester 04

E40T001M17 Advanced Programmable Logic Controller used in Industrial Automation System
E40T001M18 Industrial and Commercial Installation Systems
E40T001M19 Electrical Switch Gear and Protection System
E40T001M20 Transmission and Distributions
E40T001M21 Electrical Safety
EMTM06 Creating and Maintaining of Learning Culture