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Director’s Message

Welcome to University College of Anuradhapura

Director-Uca.ac.lkYou are all blessed students because you are fortunate to associate with the knowledgeable individuals at the University College of Anuradhapura. You are fortunate to reside in the right locality for education for the next two and half years and it is your duty to make the maximum out of it. It is my duty to make sure you to have much learning, to be skillful and well-trained in discipline. You should be respectful, humble, patient and obedient to achieve your goals.

The staff of the UCA would put in their whole effort to train you to be the best in your discipline, explain lessons well, teach you to network with appropriate individuals and institutes, and provide safety in every aspect. Meantime, I request you to be courteous to staff, faithful, always be cheerful and attend classes punctually and master your learning.

I am eager to see you become a global citizen – respect all religions and ethnicities. Take the Right Action in your career without blindly adhering to pre-established rules or social norms. Think out of the box, how it effects on you, the society and the environment. When you are trained to use time effectively and respect others at the college, you will fulfil your duties diligently and conscientiously, not idling away time at your employment too. As a result, your employer will pay you adequately and promote you as you deserve it. By learning to be skillful, energetic, strategic, responsible and organized, you will become a wealthy person and serve the community who sponsored your education.

Happy University College Life!

Sujeewa Jayawardana
Director / Chief Executive Officer
University College of Anuradhapura