Director/CEO’ Message

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to extend my strength as the Acting Director of theUniversity College of Anuradhapura in addition to my main role as a Lecturer. I take thisopportunity of welcoming trainees coming from all parts of the island, joining our NVQ Level 5& 6 programmes in four market sectors. Most of such trainees have moved away from the foldsof their family to another in their quest of competencies and making their dreams a reality. Oneneeds to feel that they are just moving away from one family fold to another. Their lecturers,seniors and peers, all form an extended family from whom they can look up for any guidance,support and help to move ahead in life as professionals in the study programmes they have opted.

In terms of credentials, the university college of Anuradhapura has a several achievements withina short period of time. The most recent being the recognition of the university College by theTertiary and Vocational Education Commission (2020) as a four star service provider. The university has highly qualified faculty in their respective fields of expertise. A number ofevents, seminars and workshops are organized by the university college to provide a variety ofexperiences to the trainees and inculcate skills such as leadership and team spirit which arehelpful in their career. Our faculty members have been able to publish good quality researchwork in high impact factor journals of repute. There is an active interaction between faculty andtrainees in the university college. The learning experiences in the college pave a strong path forenhancement of overall development of the learners.Further, the university college is ICT enabled and the college provides an e- learning and e-connect environment, along with class coordination system, document management system aswell as virtual class rooms. The university college is situated in a serene environment in the closeproximity of the town. The academic environment along with a complex structure of curricular,co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will shape our trainees physical, mental andintellectual growth. As NVQ level 6 competent trainee of the university college, you are thetorch bearers of the different nations; you serve for, in order to bring in positive change, towardsa direction that will develop overall sustainability for better future.I, wish and assure you, on behalf of the University College of Anuradhapura, that we will helpyou pursue your objectives of life under the varied social, cultural and economic environmentand make the College family proud of your attainments.