Higher National Diploma in Building Services Technology

NVQ Level 5 & 6


Building Services Technology is a technology which is essential to day today life style for the community. Dedication to offer services relevant to the buildings in quality and up to the standards, should appreciate highly for the roles of the engineers and technologists. Building services engineers work closely with other construction professionals such as architects, structural engineers and quantity surveyors.
They influence the architecture of a building and play a significant role in the sustainability and energy demand of a building. Within building services engineering, new roles are emerging, for example in the areas of renewable energy, sustainability, low carbon technologies and energy management. Building services engineers play a significant role in combating climate change. As such, a typical building services engineer has a wide-ranging career path; in Health and Safety, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Plumbing and other various services fields etc. To fulfill the requirement, it is essential to introduce professional technical courses as a social responsibility. To be an alternative, college of university decided to introduce Building Services Technology courses, maintaining the national vocational qualification standards.
Therefore the Higher National Diploma in Building Services Technology is a three year program (NVQ Level 5 and 6 including one year training) oriented towards the skills required by the industry at middle management levels and leads students to the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Building Services Technology.
In order to achieve this, the students will work closely with architects and other relevant engineers, make use of equipment, materials, techniques or methods, and other resources involved with various building services.
The course seeks to provide a basis for the dissemination and assimilation of crucial knowledge central to the understanding of the building service discipline and what it involves. Topics covered in the course include an introduction to Building Service Technology studies; theories applicable to Building Service Technology; heating, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, plumbing, natural and artificial lighting, building facades, escalators and lifts, ventilation and refrigeration, communication lines, telephones and IT networks, security and alarm systems, fire detection and protection, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, public health engineering and work with utility suppliers such as those that supply gas, electricity and renewable sources.


The objective of this program is to develop experienced technologists with a strong, flexible background in Building Services Technology.

Entry Qualification

Candidate should have NVQ Level 4 Certificate offered by the recommended institute in the field of Construction Technology, Building Services Technology, and Engineering Draftsmanship.
GCE A/L 03 Pass in Relevant Stream (Mathematics, Science or Engineering Technology)


The Higher National Diploma in Building Services Technology is a two year (Full time) program (NVQ Level 5 and 6) oriented towards the skills required by the industry.
The course complies with four academic semesters and one year on the job training as follows,
* Foundation program - 6 months.
* Semester I - 6 months.
* Semester II - 6 months.
* 1st on the job training - 6 months.
* Semester III - 6 months.
* Semester IV - 6 months.
* 2nd on the job training - 6 months.

Job opportunities

After complete the Higher National Diploma students will qualify the working in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing Building Automation, and Extra Law Voltage (ELV) systems.
They can contribute their capacity to the country as a,

• Implementation of Building Services (Construction/consultation).
• Maintenance of Building Services.